Our Amazing Selling Machine Course Affiliate Partners

ASM’s Partners are essential to Amazing Selling Machine and the ASM community. Our affiliates are able to help other ASM members because they themselves have seen the success our Amazing Selling Machine course can bring. Meet a few of our ASM affiliates.

Badass Business Builders/Amazon All-Stars

Badass Business Builders presents the Amazon All-Stars team of successful Amazon sellers. These are guys who are really doing it. They make their living on Amazon and got their start with Amazing Selling Machine. As ASM affiliates, they now help other people find ASM and help new ASM members via their own Amazing Selling Machine bonus package.

SEO Revolution

Jerry West is an ASM affiliate and has seen first hand what the program can do for regular people. If you want to see real life results and get extra help, go see Jerry’s case study results and his Amazing Selling Machine review. In his review he talks about taking his own money, following the ASM course, and his personal story and results.

Project Life Mastery

Stefan James is a 7-figure marketer who has built his Amazon business using what he calls a parthenon approach, which simply means building an Amazon business that has a many sources of traffic to his Amazon listings that generate consistent and reliable sales. This approach enables him to build a sustainable long-term Amazon business that isnt dependent on Amazon rankings, or any specific traffic source for sales. Competition also becomes less of a factor as well. Go to Stefan's site to learn more about how he built his Amazon FBA business and to read his Amazing Selling Machine Review.

Nick Sasaki

For over 10 years, Nick has demonstrated success in selling health products through his online Amazon business. Are you joining the health supplement arena? Nick might be able help you with some of his own Amazing Selling Machine bonus tips and tricks to make your Amazing Selling Machine experience even more beneficial.  

Jeff Lenney

Jeff is an ASM affiliate. He is sought out to speak about his seo expertise at different events. For Jeff’s experienced insights and ASM bonuses, check out his Amazing Selling Machine Review.

Business Igniters

Business Igniters is a group of four dudes that love business and networking with other entrepreneurs. They each run 7-figure ecommerce companies selling on and off Amazon - two of them got their start through Amazing Selling Machine, while the other two struggled through piecing together information online to learn how to build a brand on Amazon. Their goal is to help other aspiring entrepreneurs reach the 7-figure per year mark by leveraging the power of Amazon. They're looking for the people that want to be game changers and leave an impact. For the right person, they can mentor you as you build a strong foundation for your ecommerce empire. If you are ready to ignite your business, check out their Amazing Selling Machine Review and Bonus to learn more..

Brandon Clark

Brandon is an entrepreneur, a digital marketer and a life and business coach. For the last 9 years, he has engineered some of the largest and fastest growing consumer brands on and off of Amazon. From beauty to bottles and beyond, his marketing tactics have driven multiple e-commerce companies to a 7-figure seller status. He uses his insider knowledge on Amazons search algorithm provide members with Amazing Selling Machine Bonus materials to help formulate winning launch strategies that maximizes the odds of success. He does this while optimizing the Amazon sales channel to its fullest capabilities to garner maximum wealth..

Amazing Selling Machine Reviews

Other people’s reviews give potential buyers a glimpse into the possibilities a product like Amazon Selling Machine 8 can bring. There is no way to really know if something is right for you without trying it out. We want to make sure you do not think your purchase was an Amazing Selling Machine ripoff. If after reading all of our partners’ testimonials and the Amazon Selling Machine reviews you are still not sure, take comfort in our 30-day money back guarantee.