You Wanted to Know if Amazing Selling Machine Sucks, Was a Ripoff, or a Scam



Does Amazing Selling Machine Suck?

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

Short answer is that it does not.

We have many satisfied members running businesses on Amazon because they decided to buy Amazing Selling Machine.

Will everyone be a success? No. It is as much up to you as it is up to us.

It takes good training which we provide, and it takes your hard work and you making the right decisions along the way.

We know when people are trying to make a decision on whether or not to buy they will research terms like Amazing Selling Machine Scam. Hey, we do this ourselves when we make purchases.


We know how to build a businesses on Amazon.  

That’s why we made our Amazing Selling Machine course and provide more than one useful Amazing Selling Machine bonus.

It’s smart of you to do research terms like this before making an investment in an online training course.


Here Are The Real Facts About Amazing Selling Machine

We’ve tested the things we teach on real Amazon businesses.


We utilize the things we teach in our own businesses. That’s how we know they work.


We only teach what we ourselves do and have had success with. That's what we built ASM on. And as cliché as that sounds, all the instruction in the courses are things that we really do implement in our own businesses.


Amazon is always changing so we are too. Something we taught in 2013 may not be relevant anymore. We have to keep up with these changes in our own Amazon businesses. This means we are able to provide you with information on what is working for us today.

You can test if this is the real deal yourself.

Buy and implement the course following the directions exactly. If you are unhappy after creating your business and you have met our specific terms, ask for the 6-month buy back guarantee.


The specific terms you need to meet in order to receive the 6-month buy back promise are:


A. Sign up for Amazon Selling Machine 8. The signup process must take place between 10/18/2017 at 10:00PM Pacific Time and 10/26/2017 at 11:59PM Pacific Time.


B. By 11/26/2017 the ASM Buyer must have earned the following ASM badges:

1. Setup Profile Badge

2. ASM Facebook Group Badge

3. Breaking the Cycle Badge

4. Seller Central Setup Badge

5. Opportunity Finder Badge

6. Found Supplier Badge

7. My First Inventory Order Badge


C. By 11/26/2017, you must put a downpayment on your inventory order. Total inventory orders must total at least $1k due to the supplier.


D. You must watch each video in each module. You must finish watching each of the videos in the most recently released module prior to the next module being released. By 12/22/2017, you must have watched each video, in every module, including all of the video lessons in module #8.


E. In the Amazing Selling Machine Facebook Group, prior to 12/22/2017, you must post at least 5 separate questions or comments.

F. You must attend every one of the weekly group coaching calls or, by 12/22/17, watch the entire recording of them.


G. For your Amazon product, by 1/1/2018, you must complete every step in the product launch and each of the marketing steps in each of the Amazing Selling Machine 8 modules.


H. By 1/31/2018, you must earn the My Brand badge and the Inventory Arrived At FBA badge.


I. You have to contact us by email ( between the dates of 3/26/2018 and 4/25/2018 to inform us that you would like the ASM8 Buy Back Promise. We will then schedule a short meeting with you (an online meeting) to confirm you have completed the above required steps and actually qualify for the ASM8 Buy Back Promise.


If you qualify for the ASM8 Buy Back Promise, we will make arrangements with you to purchase your Amazon Seller Central account and the business you have created with Amazon Selling Machine for a max of $10k in inventory value and the full amount you actually paid for ASM8 course. For payment, we will also require that you give us a valid W-9 or W-8BEN tax form.


Learn The Truth About Amazing Selling Machine


We offer ongoing resources. Once you are a member you are part of our ASM community. We don't chase anything we haven't implemented ourselves.


The Amazon platform changes. It is not stagnant. Something we taught in 2013 may no longer be applicable. We have to act on Amazon’s changes to stay relevant in our own Amazon businesses. This means we are providing you current data in ASM, not something that was working many years ago but is no longer significant.


Amazing Selling Machine FTC

We take the laws of the United States very seriously.


We have since the beginning.


We make sure that everything we do is in excellent compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.